1. Forbidden

Any kind of cheating in the game will be prohibited

Regardless of the way it is done or taking advantage of the game own bug and not reporting to the GM or even a hacker, it will not be tolerated and will be banned forever!

2. Forbidden Chat

Any king of announcement for other games

Asking about GM unnecessarily

Racism and prejudice

Inappropriate language

Measures will be taken according to severity

3. Forbidden Bot

We know that the game can become repetitive in some activities, players can use a maximum of 3 accounts and can use bot

Using bot in war is an immediate ban forever!

4. Forbidden

Do not make false names to be a OWNER, ADMIN, GM our member TO2020_Staff

scamed will not be tolerated

5. Forbidden

Trading accounts and items for real money

No pass your password and login to friends or sell items